Select "Options" and select USB / TEST / OK / SAVE. The 7-speed DSG automatic transmission-or DQ200-is a transmission that is growing rapidly in popularity. My understanding is that the "Oil Quality" is just a parameter in adaptation channels of module 17 - Instruments and thus could be changed by VCDS.I was told that it need to be.

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VCDS – AN INTRODUCTION If youre like me, keen to want to take advantage of the optional extras that you can enable via VDS, but are afraid that you might screw things up, here is an introduciton and simple task. VCDS (previously known as VAG-COM) is a comprehensive PC-based diagnostic package for VW Audi Group vehicles (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley). It offers near dealer-level coverage at decidedly home user prices - all systems coverage, service resets, component actuations, system adaptations, basic settings, module coding and more, with coverage for VAG cars from around. You'll need VCDS with a Ross-Tech Hex-V2 Cable or HEX-NET Interface. The lights are controlled by the BCM1 (#9) and BCM2 (#46) modules in the car. Front Side Markers. Make sure you've got the interface hooked up to the car, the ignition is on and you're plugged into the USB port on your laptop. Open VCDS and choose "Select Control Module". Abra o VCDS, Clique no botão Select abaixo do Select Control Module 102. 4 (x64) Running on - Answered by a verified VW Mechanic. Vcds Fuel Pump Test When the fuel temperature sensor is faulty it can cause the car to run lumpy or hard to start. 0 in obd2repair is the newest version of VAG VCDS. The car is 1998 SEAT 2. 02 Read Fault Codes.

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1. VCDS / VAG-COM instructions Open VCDS, Select control module 2. Select 37-Navigation 3. Click on Coding-07 4. Click Long Coding Helper 5. click on byte 3 (it is the 4th window from left....color will change from green to yellow) checkmark Bit 6 (Rear-View-Camera (RVC) installed/active) click exit to get back to prior window 6. Click Do It!.

12 Jun 2020. #2. Towbar prep means the trailer module is already fitted and programmed. You'll be fitting it and programming it yourself. Yours will work exactly as oem. When something is hitched up, your reverse sensors will be deactivated, the fog light disabled on the van and the stability control will be adjusted.

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Here's a list of interesting VCDS coding and adaptation procedures for Audi A6 C6 (2004-2011). Use your diagnostic interface to activate features. Tools. Diagnostic interface like VCDS , VAG-COM, VAS or any other. 2003 vy commodore ute VCDS 18.9 Functions. 1.Auto Scan 2.control module unit information 3. read fault codes 4. Output Test Selective output test (only for KWP-2000 *) 5. Basic settings 6. clear DTCs 7.Close Control Module 8. pairs of coding control module Slave control module for coding (only for KWP-2000 *) Read measured value block 08 9.-channel read (applies. 1. Start the engine. 2. Connect the VCDS cable to the OBD2 port of your VW Golf Mk5 or Jetta. 3. Plug the VCDS (VAG-COM) cable into any USB port on your laptop. Return to Menu and click on: Select Control Module / 09.

VCDS-Lite Online Demo / Manual - Select Control Module Screen The various computers in the car are called �Control Modules� or "Controllers". On this screen, you select which Control Module you want to "talk" to. Note: Your car will not have all the Control Modules listed in VCDS-Lite, only the ones on the Applications Page for your car.

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